Marine Conservation

Quicksilver Cruise Marine Conservation Specialist takes us on the Marine Conservation journey sofar. From a standalone professional program (Coral Restoration Workshop) to getting up close and personal with our conservation courses (Coral Laboratory, Fish Identification, Blues Naturalist, and Dive Cleanups Debris), we have options for everyone!

Coral Rehabilitation

This coral rehabilitation program allows divers to take part in our active restoration site by transplanting corals on our artificial reef. The program includes lectures on marine habitat restoration as well as various techniques in use for coral restoration join Quicksilver restoration practitioner and marine biologist an ongoing coral rehabilitation project in Quicksilver operational area.

Blue Naturalis

Quicksilver Blues Naturalist course is designed to help you interact with the living underwater world based on objective assessments and observations. Quicksilver Blues Naturalist teaches you to view the aquatic ecosystems scientifically and learn about the various marine life which makes up coral reef ecosystems.

Clean Up Debris

Divers have a proud history of removing rubbish from the ocean but despite our best efforts the trash keeps pill up. In response Quicksilver Marine Conservation created Dive Cleanups Debris a marine conservation program for Quicksilver Cruise – The Jewel of Bali turns you clean up into a marine debris survey.